Spring News

The ever changing cycle in nature is changing once again and the rebirth of spring is here.  It is a season of new beginnings after the much needed rest brought of winter.  Spring is a renewal period where we embrace the light with cool mornings and warmer afternoons.  New intentions serve us well this season.  There’s a reason we spring clean; we remove the excess in regards to possessions, eating and demands on time.  It’s time to pick an area of your life that needs organized and align it with your current beauty and health goals to reflect your best self.  

Your body is ready for lighter and fresher foods. As the earth provides life for new plants, your body is craving the detoxifying beauty foods.  It is a great time to do a detox or that cleanse you have been thinking about because the seasonal energy is providing more strength and support for new challenges and goals.  

Give yourself a new start and use the season’s surging energy to help shift you in a new direction of health.  Skin care treatments not only help promote cell renewal and increase hydration, but also provide an energy balancing of the mind and body.  My clients leave the spa feeling refreshed and relaxed after a treatment because my goals are to balance energy as well as achieve beautiful skin care results.

- Jayme


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