Summer: The season of sun and light

Summer is here, and for many of us, it came a bit early.  This season of sun and light is a reflection of our own light.  We radiate a beautiful glow as we embrace nature’s energetic vibrations by playing and moving outside.  Eating the plant-based spectrum of color and flavors of the season hydrate and protect our skin. We find balance in summer as we have more energy and move, but it’s a wonderful time to relax and vacation to recharge our bodies.  
Last week I gathered a few girlfriends and hosted a Summer Solstice party in my back yard.  It was a fun celebration of summer.  We gave thanks to the earth and we each manifested new intentions and goals for the season. Traditionally, Summer Solstice is to celebrate our long days under the summer sun and give thanks that crops were planted and growing. 
Just like these traditions and rituals, we too need to set intentions and create rituals for ourselves.  A skin care ritual is not only self-care; it is an act of self-love.  I enjoy guiding my clients to create a home ritual for their skin care regimen.  Creating a ritual may be waking up without technology and reciting morning affirmations, followed by dry brushing, showering and then using quality, skin care products.  Others may choose to start the morning with yoga and meditation before getting ready.  Once a ritual is established, the self-love routine begins to radiate a glow in the skin. 

Allow the summer season to light up your skin care ritual. 
Love & Light,
Owner / LE

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