Why Get a Facial?

Is getting a facial a normal part of your self-care routine?  Many people save this as a splurge or believe it’s reserved for the ‘wealthy’ that can afford it.  Yes, it can seem like a costly extra but what if you took a moment to consider the importance of your skin, the same way you take care of your hair, your teeth, etc.?  What if I told you it could be possible to actually save your hard earned money by investing in your skin, rather than having to purchase unnecessary make –up and skin care products to fight against aging and to decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles? 

There is a reason that facials are the second most popular spa treatment next to a massage.  Not only does a professional facial clean, exfoliate and aid in clearing blemishes and minor acne, it helps to remove dead skin cells in the epidermis layer (the outside layer) of your skin.  The average cell takes 28 days to cycle and slough off depending upon health, age and environmental.  As we age this cycle slows down and the production of collagen and elastin declines resulting in a decrease of elasticity and firmness.  A facial stimulates the skin’s natural functions such as cellular turnover, metabolism, lymph drainage and the immune system. This allows for the skin cells to grow and regenerate down to the dermis layer of your skin for a healthier complexion.  This also helps to counteract the damaging exposure of the sun and air pollution.

Aside from the benefits that a facial provides for your skin, it is a relaxing way to de-stress from the daily grind.  It is a way to relax, unwind and allow yourself time to detox, destress, purify and put balance back into your life.  It is also a misconception that this service is for female clients.  They are advantageous to men and women alike.   Seeing a trained esthetician is essential to receiving the full benefits of this skin-care practice.  An esthetician will select products for your individual skin that will coincide with your regular treatments.  Facials, along with daily cleansing and moisturizing, are necessary in protecting your skin, while flushing out toxins and promoting circulation.  With a few treatments and proper home care, your skin will be rejuvenated with a radiant glowing complexion.

Monthly facials are recommended, but if that is too much, then a seasonal facial is needed (4x a year).  Join our monthly membership to receive a monthly facial and discounts off product and services.

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