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Hard to believe 2018 is here and we made it through the challenging 2017 year.  According to astrologers, it may be another intense year but there is plenty to be hopeful and excited about.  We all make resolutions that we follow or try to follow at the beginning of the year.  Instead of a resolution, I like to find a single word that describes how I want to feel.  I take into account my goals, challenges, and needs for the next year. Then I write down one word and put it somewhere where I will see it often.  Let the word be your guide and try to evoke this feeling day after day and watch as it brings exactly what you need.

As we build back up to sunlight and warmth, we need to take every opportunity to enjoy winter for it’s quiet and calm attributes instead of thinking cold and dark.  Winter is a time for rebirth and renewal. While some of us thrive on stimulation with exposure to crowds, noise, music, media and screens, it’s important for every one of us to set aside restorative time. To simply be in the moment.  Winter is ideal to give your mind, body and senses time to quiet down.  Go for a walk in the woods, meditate and just plain rest.  There is a reason for darkness this time of year because our bodies can’t operate the same way we do in spring and summer; we need a lot more rest.  By following the patterns of the earth’s seasons, you can get a better understanding to how our mind and bodies function.

Enjoy a cup of tea, tasting each sip; or focus on nature by sitting in a park or gazing out the window at the clouds.  Your monthly facial is also directed to calm the mind.  While I focus on a specific skin care treatment for each individual, I also pay very close attention to what the client’s body needs.  For each facial treatment I incorporate a calm setting with soft music, aromatherapy, and massage.  To learn more about my facial services and benefits from a facial check out my blog

~ Jayme 
Owner / LE

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