Gift Giving Guide

Product: Whipped Body Glow in Lavender
Why: This product got its name because it does exactly that, gives
your skin a glow you can’t get anywhere else. Made from
all-natural ingredients that are whipped together to make
a melt-on-your-skin product. Helps with stretch marks!
You’ll wonder how you lived without it before.  

“This product was created for myself after I found out
I was expecting. I used this product exclusively during
my pregnancy and had no stretch marks.”
- Meghan Reed, Owner

Girly Girl
Product: Skinny Mint Body Glow Stick
Why? Skinny Mint will not only give you the sheen as
our Whipped Body Glow, but will also leave behind
a bit of color for those who are fair skinned.  Conveniently
packaged in a push-up stick application. Skinny Mint
got its name because, well, it smells like that famous cookie.

Health Nut
Product: Blue Springs Gift Set
Why? This blend is perfect during the winter months when
extra dry air and stuffy noses collide . Made with the
invigorating scent of eucalyptus and the harmonizing
qualities of lavender it is one of our strongest scents and
works wonders on opening up the passage ways.

Product: Lost Woods Gift Set
Why? Can’t men be pampered, too? Our Lost Woods
masculine scent is perfect for any guy.  Help our their
dry rough skin with our Salt Scrub, as well as a Body Oil Spray
 that many of our customers use as cologne. The essential
oil blend we use in our Lost Woods products has a very
 long fragrance property.

Clean Freak
Product: Linen Spray in Lavender or Pink
Why? Our Linen Sprays are perfect for those times when
guest are about to arrive and you want to freshen
up the sheets or spritz around the living room. Pink and
Lavender smells instantly give the illusion that you
recently cleaned.

The Volunteer
Product: Body Glow Line
Why? Your purchase helps others! The certified
organic shea butter that we put in our Whipped
Body Glow creams forms a breathable, water-resistant
film. This fantastic moisturizer is prepared by hand in
small villages in Ghana, Africa. Because of the money
earned by the women, the village has been able to afford
basic necessities, such as schools, clinics, and clean water.